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Skyline Owners Club

The Skyline Owners Club is a UK based owners club for all marques of the Nissan Skyline. Established in 2003 the club has a solid member base backed by an enthusiastic staff team dedicated to helping the members get the best out of their cars. The club is based around the online forum which is full of advice and information and although primarily a UK club, there are members from countries around the world. It’s a club that is growing and one that extends well beyond ownership of the vehicle itself, as it creates a community feel and treats every member as if they were family.

The Purpose of the Club is to promote, organise and conduct within the club and other motor vehicle clubs, events such as rallies, tours, trials, competitions, exhibitions, social functions and other similar events. To assist members of the club in the maintenance, restoration and enhancement of members vehicles. To obtain and maintain historical, statistical and other records and documents pertaining to the club vehicles. The club, which includes this forum, is designed for the fellow member as follows. The focus is primarily on two areas, Technical help and discussion and to organise local meets and provide information on National meets.
Beyond that there are areas to cover projects & restorations, technical how-to's, group buys and plenty of advice on where to buy parts from, where to buy cars, where to tune and map them and lots of photos of peoples pride and joy. Of course, there's the lounge for club members to discuss weighty issues, random nonsense and anything at all, whether it be car related or not.


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