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Essex Petrolheadz

Essex Petrolheadz is a car club full of vehicle enthusiasts, Which have a passion for anything on wheels, Modified, Classic, Retro you name it we'll love it!

We are a friendly bunch who welcome old and new members to our club.

Essex Petrolheadz hold regular events for example: car meets, car shows, bike shows amd more...

We are extremely happy to join up with other car and bike clubs for events.
We also arrange convoys to other clubs events, and car shows!

Essex petrolheadz main facebook book page do not except any advertising on the page unless arranged by club owner or admin team, for sale items, cars products, to be advertised on our group page. Any posts of any advertising will be removed.

Essex Petrolheadz do ask all attenders to clean up after themselves and put rubbish is the bin bags provided..

If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ontact the club owner or admin team for help!

Club Owner: Gavin Matthews (Gavlar) (Black mk1 Citroën Saxo VTR)

Admin Team:
Cody Ponting (Cody) (Silver 1.1 Mk2 Citroën AX)

Jay Simmonds (Roody) (Black Mk5 Ford Fiesta)

Darren Storey (Dazza) (Silver s2 Peugeot 106 quicksilver, VTR Turbo)

Casey Wolf (Roody '2') (Not currently Driving)

Club Merchandise:
Essex Petrolheadz Stickes £1.50 each.
More to be revealed!!

more in the process at the moment!!

Please contact the Club Owner or One od the Admin team for any other details.


  • Colchester

    United Kingdom
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