This is a club profile page, here you can see all of the club's details, including its photos, website, followers and posts.

You can:
FIND OUT ABOUT THE CLUB, from its description, to its member list, eligibility, location, meets & events it is attending and their website.
VIEW THE CLUB'S POSTS See all the posts and photos from the club, click them to like and comment
FOLLOW, keep up to date on the club's activity and get added to the member list
REQUEST MODERATOR STATUS, if you're a moderator and be granted extra privileges
CHANGE THE CLUB SETTINGS, if you're a moderator you will be able to change all of the clubs details and settings
POST ABOUT THE CLUB, If you post a status on a club's profile page, it will create a "club post" that will include the details, image and website of the club along with your content on both the club's profile page and the main "What's New" Drive Addiction page.

some features are only available once you register and log in.